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General It's growing on me !!


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Mar 17, 2002
Ok, watch me get shot down in flames here.......but......I stood looking at a 3 door Stilo 2day, and it started 2 grow on me !
I have 2 say, when I 1st saw it, I thought it was a bold move in TOTALLY the wrong certainly wasn't the diverse and unique styling that gave us the Tipo, Punto, Bravo/a, and Cinque & Sei.
I still think the 5 door Stilo fell out of the ugly tree, hit every branch on the way down, rolled thru the ugly field, hit a few ugly cows, knocked over the ugly farmer & his ugly wife and kids, splashed thru an ugly pond and landed in a FIAT dealer near u !
But the 3 door kinda has a little something that intruiges me. I'm gonna book my test drive in the Abarth version next week and I'll make my mind up then.



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I am waiting for delivery of a Stilo Abarth 3 door. Tried lots of cars but, on admittly short test drive, decided it was best buy, I wanted a smaller than present(Toyota Camry 3.0 V6) car, but well equipped and decent acceleration. Also found I fitted, 6'4" tall and not small, which was not true for lots of cars. Looking forward to driving and spending 3 days figuring out the connect+ satnav/radio/telematics/phone system. Good deal, low interest, hope I'm right !

I like your description of the five door Rob! I pretty much think the same of the five door, but I am beginning to really like the 3 door version, especially in broom yellow. The bright red versions look good too, and I've seen an Abarth at the local dealer in metallic ink black and it looks pretty good.

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I have said things about the Stilo ever since I went to the launch. It is an awful car. I have now driven the Abarth and I can say it is sooooo slow to be embarrasing. The interior is tacky, no style to it and those frigging white dials! The driving position is like being in a transit, the seat doesnt go anywhere near low enough so you get a sea sick sort of feeling if you try and drive it hard which to be honest you aint going to do becuase it is unwilling.

I am sorry Fiat but this has to be THE most dissapointing Italian car since the Tipo. What a mistake, the Alfa 147 is the next styling generation for a Bravo replacement but where does the Stilo fit in. I pity anyone who buys one then tries to use the boot as I do on my cars. You will break the rear light surround within a week, who was the **** who decided on that design.

The abarth looks like the vehicles in Judge Dread without the good bits. I nearly got thrown out of the dealers when I started to explain where they went wrong, especially with the engine on the Abarth as they got so embarrased as they had to admit it wasn't anywhere near as quick as the HGT OR anything else in the class.

Ah well, my ten penneth done yet again, I hope that those who buy one will benefit from a better build quality than the last years batch of Bravo's.

I'm not sure of that. I always liked the Tipo, especially the 2.0 16v which was a cracker. And if I'm not mistaken about 10 light years quicker than the Stilo. At least the Tipo was fairly advanced when it came out when you consider the rivals - the escort, maestro, vauxhall astra etc etc.

As I said, i really like the new Stilo 3 door too look at, but as you said it's a dissapointment. Especially after the Bravo. Seeing a Bravo and a Stilo together at a dealer - the Bravo looks like the replacement car for the Stilo!

After driving a 1600 Stilo I'm still not totally convinced. The steering's woolly and it's a little too stodgy, and there is absolutely no contest between Stilo and 147. Alfa wins every time.

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I got my stilo a week a go.Its a 1.6 dynamic.A lot of people on these sites say its not stylish car i think it looks savage,a mean front grill and big lights front and rear.Most of my friends like it alot both inside and out.I am not too sure about the trim in the uk (i am from ireland) but the car has wrap around seats very comfortable if a little hard leather steering wheel and gear knob and savage 205 tyres with 16'alloys ,air con and all the extra buttons.The handling is very good on our bad roads.By the way this new site is excellent
I had a close look at both the three and five door in the local main dealer(waiting for them to replace dodgy parts that had only been done a month before - oh well!) and I'm afraid I just don't like it, especially the rear lights on the three door, they are horrible!
It is going to have to be an Alfa next - does anyone know anything about the little 147 based coupe that is to be launched next year? A replacement for the Giulia GT? Here's hoping!


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I have to say that it is growing on me a bit too! I have a Bravo myself so I was really interested to see what the replacement was like.
Last week an Irish tv car show, like Top Gear or Driven, finished the series with a massive group test: 307, Astra, new Corolla, Leon, and Stilo (3 dr).
Basically the whole thing was between the Stilo and the Corolla, they were way ahead in every thing from gadgets, space, style etc. In the end the Corolla won, but they sadi the only reason was because of the quality (or lack) of the Stilo's drive!
But the Stilo topped their ratings in the Desirability, styling and interior areas, and it came seconf in the luggage test of the boot space!
So all in all a great car except for a slightly poorer that expected driving experience!!!
Theres my two cents!!

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I had a brief test drive in the 3dr 1.6 and wasn't that impressed, slow, uninvolving..think i'll stick to me Punto Sporting..
I've currently got a lowly punto 1.2 (2000) and have decided it was time for a change. From the advertising, I was quite impressed with what the Stilo had to offer. I went down a few weeks ago to my dealer and test-drove the 1.6 dynamic. I was so disappoint. It really is a bore to drive - there's no interaction, and to be honest, my 1.2 punto handles better! As far as the gadgets go, the dynamic has nothing, it even only comes with a cassette player.

Today, I decided to give them another chance and had a test drive of the Abarth. It took a while to get used to the selespeed box, but I fell in love with it straight away. It's a great drive, there's tons of power, and every single gadget you could think imaginable. Admitedly, the selespeed does make it a little difficult when you're going flat out, and the paddle controls on the wheel are difficult to use when cornering, but I think the car is excellent. More than enough power, enough gadgets to keep me happy ;-) and a great interior. I drove the 3 door - love the look from the front, but the rear end looks a bit crappy in my opinion. Going to buy one before the end of the year, and can't wait to get hold of it (even if it will take me a week to figure out all the controls!)

I didn't like the Stilo too much when I first drove it. I've had my Stilo 3 dr 1.6 Dynamic for 7 months and it is the best car I have ever driven
I liked the Stilo from the first time I saw it (my g/f too). Now I have one, I (we) absolutely love it. The 5 door is truely awful though. :p

I upgraded to the 17" Alloys and it has helped enormously.

I also like the fact not too many people have them in my area at the moment.

I'm still running it in, so can't really comment on it's performance yet. But it has to be better than my Series 3 Land Rover. ;)