it survived!!

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it survived!!

Nov 26, 2004
southend on sea, essex
my laptop just tried to commit suicide by jumping from a top bunk bed to a wooden floor, im not happy with him :shakehead, he should be punished! :devil:

when i picked him up he looked like this :eek: my heart sank :(


but a few bangs and then restarting it and it was normal again :D

lol pointless thread but hey im bored! :D
bozzy said:
Pleased for you beau

btw, what's his name?
lol thanks, it would not have been good if he didnt restart ok, with all my coursework! :eek:

his name? ooo never thought of that, usually its ****ing **** because it crashes so much, but it does get abused, very highly too (when i take it to school people are like how old is that, im like errr just under 1 and half years and there like :eek: whats happened :eek: lol)
bozzy said:
Beau, I will put it down to your youth but having things in your bed that you call "him" aint a good start in life. Rename it lucy or Sue but definately not "him"

Anyone else now thinking of the scene in Full Metal Jacket?

"Tonight you will sleep with your rifle! You will give your rifle a girls name!" :D

Personally, I prefer to have an actual girl in my bed, then again I'm probably just weird :rolleyes: