Irish help needed please

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Irish help needed please

Oct 7, 2003
Carlisle, UK.
As some of you know, I'm helping organise a car show in the summer and it's been brought to my attention that being situated in Carlisle, it's probably easier to get to from most of Ireland than it is from London, for example. So we would like to make Irish peoples aware of it but aren't sure of any decent motoring forums/ sites/ magazines to get in touch with in Ireland.

Any ideas welcome please folks :D
I haven't posted the details up yet as there are one or two more things to come this week. But here's the basics:
CruiseFest NorthWest 2006

Revved up by CruiseWestCumbria
10-11th June 2006
Carlisle Racecourse, Carlisle
in Association with Fuel and WKD

The Castrol Car Catwalk, as seen at Europe's biggest and best car shows
Breathtaking Gate's Tyres Action Arena including Russ Swift, the Fuel Girls Car Show and Michael Kooy the Pyromaniac
Two of the UK's top glamour models including Lucy Pinder
Out of this world competitions including Sound Off, Flame Out and the obligatory Wet T-shirt
Ministry of Sound After-Show Party, including the Fuel Girls and WKD promotions
Huge trade and car club areas, including free camping for a big weekender and trader's show specials
Helz said:
Action Arena including the Fuel Girls Car Show and Two of the UK's top glamour models including Lucy Pinder
Out of this world competitions including the obligatory Wet T-shirt
Ministry of Sound After-Show Party, including the Fuel Girls and WKD promotions

I better go cause the News Of The World is about to catch on that I'm gay and all those Girl things will throw them off the scent....

Try Its prob the most popular site over here, im not actually registered on it but i regularly snoop around on it. I might be interested in taking a roadtrip over there provided im not on holiday as me and the mates have been planning round that time. Theres not many irish ppl on here from what i can see :( If there was we might be able to organise an entourage over. maybe register on the site and post an ad, see what sort of response it gets. Id register and give it a positive reply to give it a leg up (y)
Yeah, they used that in the 50's 60's 70's etc

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I think that anyone who meets that FFskin guy would be looking for a group of guys to give him a hammering... It would be his wet dream:D

I just use it to chat to guys that see the panda and the africa stuff and then say hi, that they love cars but feel really left out of the normal car club world as it's way to hetro for them to fit in (Mmmm... bit like that 'News of the World' thread we where running with the 'Swap more than Shirts' theme:( )

Just a shame that none of them are into Fiats as I'd invite them on here so I'd not be the only gay on forum.....:D

oh, btw. Most of the Gaydar motoring lot are into Citroens with 2CV's 2Cv4x4 (Yes really!!! one of thems got his own web site ) and the Citroen CX is getting popular as a gay classic car.... Must of been those ad's in the 80's with the Turbo coming out of Grace Jones's mouth!!


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