interior refabricating???

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interior refabricating???


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Feb 22, 2012
Right I understand this is most likely the wrong place to post this, but I couldn't find an interiors section, I own a fiat bravo 1.2 16v 80sx, I am thinking of refabricating my roof lining/blindspot pillars, I was just wondering if anyone knew a place I could get some beige suede and if so what price per metre? And how easy is it to do? I have done it before with help, but would you recommend industrial carpet glue or not?

patex or somthing similar i don't now if you find in your market it's a liquid yellow glue
Used to do a lot of interior stuff back in the 70s, usually involving fake fur, suede or pleather (plastic leather).
Always had success with pva. Local cheap shop sold it by the gallon, apply to both surfaces, leave to go tacky then marry the fabric to the panel.
PVA good with leather and non absorbent cloth, but not so clever with plastic materials.

Self adhesive "fablon" type stuff can be used, but layers must overlap a long way on the back as the glue will slip in summer heat. sell all sorts of car renovation stuff including high temperature contact adhesives for trimming jobs.