Styling Interior Lighting Colour

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Styling Interior Lighting Colour


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Mar 27, 2006
Nottingham !!!
Probably a stupid and simple question for you all to answer !

I am sat here at work, bored as usual and was wondering about changing the colours of the lights in me Punto Mk1 75sx.

Im only talking about the bulb that comes on when you open then doors etc, can you get different coloured bulbs or should I tint the covers or somthing similar?

Ive not really looked around to see if you can get different colours so thought I would ask if anyone else knows !?:confused:

Also I know there has been many questions on this already but cant find a definate answer... the speedo dials etc... can the colour of these be changed without replacing the dials etc? if so is it easy?

Any other suggestions for where I can change colour of lighting apart form adding interior neons (which im considering, just cant afford yet!)

Any help is much appreciated !
varad make awesome replacments for interior bulbs, they consist of 6 pcb mounted led's that are really bright and look awesome, especially the glow they cast over any chrome/ gloss finished within the car.