Technical Need new interior blower fan. Denso or Valeo air conditioner?

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Technical Need new interior blower fan. Denso or Valeo air conditioner?


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Sep 25, 2016
I looked part number for interior blower fan in Fiat Eper, but there is two kind of manual air conditioner system in Eper: Denso and Valeo. How do I know, which one I have? Blower resistor in my car is 77364714, so it is same as in Denso air conditioner, but condenser is 51712975, so it is same as in Valeo system.

Blower options for me are now Denso DEA09043 for Denso system and Denso DEA09042 for Valeo system. Physically they look same, but DEA09043 is 300 Watt and DEA09042 is 230 Watt, and I am little worried that more powerful one will burn fuse, wires or connectors?

Almost all spare parts seems to list Denso-model for air conditioned models ( for example OEM number 71735484, Denso DEA09043, Nissens 87131, Mahle AB 107 000P) and Valeo-models for non-air conditioned models, although it is listed for air conditioner in Eper (OEM 46770835, Denso DEA09042, Nissens 87124, Mahle AB 106 000P).

How do I know which one I need to buy? Unfortunately old one won't help, as sticker in it is burned and number is not readable.
Car is facelifted Punto mk2, 2004, 1.2 8v 60hp and with manual air conditioner.
If it’s manual air conditioning then I don’t think it will make any difference which one you buy there is nothing special at all about the fans they won’t draw any more power being made by different manufacturers, the manual aircon system is dumb with no digital electronics powering the fan or the controls.

It’s a simple resistor to regulate the speed which is largely impervious to the power draw of the fan. The main issue that causes burning of wires and over heating of the fan is people not regularly changing the cabin filter which gets blocked with dirt and leaves making it harder work for the fan to move air and causing it to get hot.

So no summery the right fan is the one that fits and then be sure to change the cabin filter regularly