General interior boot light not on

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General interior boot light not on


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May 31, 2006
Looking for help for this one, as I cannot see an obvious place for it,
Does anyone know what brings on the boot interior light, bulb has been replaced, no voltage at light? Cheers in advance!
It's in the lock unit itself. There is a switch or relay or something (Decks will propably come up with the correct word) that is defective.

It's kind of weird though. The microswitch in the lock tells the body computer to "switch on the the light". There's nothing direct and simple about it.

A lot of people have found a problem with a diode which is actually in the wiring loom in the boot area near to the wheel arch going to the boot light. If the diode breaks down and goes open circuit then there's no power going to the boot light ever.

Have a look here as we had some fun with this before

If you have no power at the bulb then it may well be the diode for you too
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My boot light went a year ago, and I had the same non-light that you describe - the bulb itself is in working condition, but doesn't get any current. The issue was examined by Fiat when it was serviced earlier this summer. They said it was inside the lock itself, and refused to change it for me as it would be a very expensive fix just for a bulb. Nice to know I won't have any insane surprises after a main service.

There has propably been an olympic game in having as much wires as possible back at the arches, so finding the right ones are tricky. I really didn't care, and put a small flashlight in one of the compartments above in the interior trim above the arches.

Ajajaj. So there might be a fix after all. Never saw this thread. Thanks Deckhair, again. Will check this out.

Hmmm I have this problem too, ill have to take notes from that thread and investigate this evening!
Thanks very much guys. Once again Deckchair your fountain of knowledge spews forth like a mighty..............fountain!
Weather premitting i'll try this out tommorrow. If all else fails may just make it like it should be - open boot, make a switch, light goes on.