Technical injector light on dash at start-up

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Technical injector light on dash at start-up


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Apr 27, 2021
Hi All,
Apologies if this seems a dumb question but I am new to Fiat Coupe ownership and in need of some advice.
I have a 1999 Coupe 20v turbo plus which I purchased in Portugal just over a week ago. I love the car and the performance is outstanding for a 1999 car which has covered 167000 kilometres.
When I turn on the ignition all the warning lights go on as expected then on starting the engine all go out except the injector light which flashes for about 5 seconds then goes out. The car is running great so I have been trying to find a thread which lets me know if this is normal or pointing to something about to go wrong. On reading other threads people point to cold running but I don't have this or any other problem when driving. The light never re-appears so am a bit confused why the injector light flashes on and off on start up.
Any help greatly appreciated and sorry if this is normal behaviour but the car did not come with any manuals.