Technical Indicator light remains on!!!!

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Technical Indicator light remains on!!!!


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Jan 21, 2003
Hi to all, i hope someone might help me with this weird, problem.
I just went out with my stilo,drove normally, had no problems upon returning to head back home i noticed that the left indicator on my dashboard, was dimly lit up,and this was without even turning on the engine. I returned to my garage and noticed that light was flickering every now & then. I arrived switched off the car & still the light remained on. I checked for the fuse from the car manual, found it (it was one of the dashboard fuses), removed it, the light went off. I replaced the fuse & still the damn indicator light comes on! it also seems to flicker. Anyhow the indicators work fine,but my concern is why is that light on & could it drain my battery?
Any help is much appreciated, as iam really concerned about what might be wrong with my lights.
Sounds like a short/bad earth. Try disconnecting the big round plug that goes into the drivers side door (where it shuts) and spraying it liberally with electrical contact cleaner (available from most motor factors).

Oh, then reconnect it ;)
Hi Lobster thanks for your reply is this round plug that grey cord which is attached to the door?
Which fuse did you pull? F49?
Try pulling out and disconnecting the hazard warning switch and see if it stops. As that's live with ign off. It has a couple of diodes in the switch and a fault in one might just allow current through
No it was fuse F53, i pulled it out as the manual says that it is the fuse for the indicators, i pulled it out the dim light went off, i put the fuse back and light came back on, i will try both your suggestions for the earth and hazard lights and see what the problem is, i hope it solves my problem.
Thanks i will keep you posted.
Ok if the problem stopped when you pulled F53 then it won't be the hazard switch as that is on a different circuit run through F49

What model do you have?

Can't imagine what the passenger door cabling has to do with the indicator wiring:confused: but it's certainly a weird fault you have

Do you have the park light switch on or indicator left on when this happens? What happens if you select left indicator with ignition off?
Do the park lights on the left come on properly if you select park lights and select left indicator? I think all Stilos have that
Hi just came back from my garage tried the fuses F53 again and F49 still the same thing happens, i never used the parking light, actually i never even tried it since i bought the car and that was four years ago!! :D My Stilo is the type 00 if iam not mistaken the very first ones, I have a 1.2 16V Active Model. I tried moving the indicator to the left whilst the car was off, i tried it when it was on i tried nearly everything except the parking light which i will try later on.
Unless i dream of some solution over the weekend i wil be taking it to the Fiat garage to have them check it out, I hope they can solve it as it is very very weird indeed.

I wil keep you posted.
A wierd fault indeed. I may have led you of the beaten path with the door connector. Some strange idea in the back of my mind said that it could be the door connector. Of course I could have dreamed it.

Does the indicator light flash normally when you move the indicator stalk with the engine running?

Its obviously getting constant power, so we need to establish what uses power when the vehicle is powered down. The flashing red light on the drivers side door locking button is definately one (if your Stilo does this).
Hi lobster, the indicator does not flash when the engine is off and i move the indicator stalker to the left, and yes i do have the red flashing button on my side, i suppose it is the indicator of when central locking is activated.
At a guess I'd say there's something up with the circuits in your dash gauge cluster as the warning light is fed directly from the body computer. Might just be a bad connection of the connectors at the rear of the dash gauges but it's impossible to guess as electricity is going somewhere it shouldn't.

An LED just flickering will hardly use any power, your door alarm leds at full brightness are going all night if you think about it so not much chance fo flattening the battery but it needs to be sorted as that's only what you can see to be wrong. Rather than a short -which would put he led on brightly- you have a breaking down of resistance somewhere which is allowing only a small amount of current through. The dash instrument panel is part of the CAN network so a fault anywhere could be causing the problem

Write down your findings that pulling F53 stops it happening as that's important and can save the techs time when you take it in and leave your report on the passenger seat. F53 does more than just the indicators though, it supplis the dash gauge illumination and the trip computer.

You could try resetting the body computer by disconnecting the battery for a few hours, you'll lose your personal settings but it might make the nodes on the CAN network wake up
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Hi thanks for your reply, actually i only acitvate the alarm when my car is parked outside, when i return to my garage i dont activate the alarm i just close the door and leave as i have a lock up garage.
I was actually thinking of disconnecting the battery but thought otherwise seeing that the fuse which actually concerns the indicator is the dashboard fuse F53, (and yes the fuse takes care of the dashboard and trip computer, and thats what scares me i hope it is not coming from the ECU or some onboard circuit because that means it will cost money to fix i presume :( )
so i thought it wouldnt actually have any effect but at this point i should guess anything is possible. I will try it out and see what happens.
if i have no luck then its going to the Fiat garage monday morning.
Indicator dash control light stays on

Hi all,
hope anyone can help me with my electrical problem with my 02 Stilo 1.9 JTD. Dash control light - right indicator stays on all the time even when the engine is off. Indicators work fine, obviously when right indicator is in function control light is not flashing, just stays on. I tried to pull the fuse out but with the same result. Does anyone know a solution to this problem please? Also when i lock/unlock the car with my key, indicators are not flashing as they should to signalise locking/unlocking. Maybe this problem is related to that light beeing on all the time. Thanks a lot for any help. Rudi
Re: Indicator dash control light stays on

Firstly, many Stilo's didn't come with the indicator flash switched on when you lock/unlock the car. It can however be switched on by the dealer for a small charge. This can charge can be reduced by getting it done at the same time as something else, like a service as the diagnostic tool they'll use to change the indicator setting will be plugged in during the service.

As for your technical problem with the indicator light staying on on the dash, I'm not really sure what the problem could be. Apart from maybe a faulty connection somewhere, perhaps something to do with the automatic self cancel or something, though that's a complete guess :eek:
Re: Indicator dash control light stays on

cheers, i`ll probably take it to the garage :)