I Dont believe it!!!

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I Dont believe it!!!


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Dec 23, 2004
well finaly had the be all and end all of my cinq attracting attention!! today i was driving home from uni on the M8 ( A BIG BLOODY MOTORWAY) any way got stuck in the rush hour n all of a sudden the guy in the van in front jumps out n walks over to me, i rolls down the window n he says

" yeah was just wondering, me and my mate in the van have a bet on , what type of car is it?"

CINQUECENTO U DAFT BAS......... nah any way i tell him n hes like "cheers, its fcuking smart" the walks back to his van jumps in and drives off,

bear in mind we were in the fast lane at this point on an extremly busy congested motor way in the middle of town!!

some ppl!!!!