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Dec 17, 2004
Has anyone changed the rear speakers in a 3dr before??

Im thinking about putting my old pair of JBL 6x9s in there since they look oval shaped? anyone tried?
Dont try and pull the grills off, as they will break! They're not meant to come off! follow my guide? Its basically stripping the whole back of the interior out of the car - if you've got a spare afternoon, easy enough! Although if you dont want to drill holes for the new speakers, you can buy adaptors! I did notice quite a difference after changing my back speaker in the quality - as the standards are pretty poor quality in the rear! I havent changed the front as these seem alot better. Something i will do in the near futur though!
Well, Ive now fited an amp and sub in, sounds loud and lovely. need to change the front speakers next, the rear ones look too much trouble (n)
I'll be paying attention to my ICE soon.

Front tweeter drivers side still not working and the rear speakers a poo. I can live with the front door ones.

Was thinking about sticking my 6x9's from my old car into the rear shelf (which is already bent and fooked) and just disconnecting the rear OEM ones

what do people think about that?
It would probably sound quite good if its not the standard head unit. I would say if your gonna do some rear ICE, u may as well change the back ones while ur at it! According to 18S its not that hard, I just need to find some speakers before i try!