Technical Hydraulic System, Draining.

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Technical Hydraulic System, Draining.

Mar 29, 2005
NW London
Hello everyone :)

I want to remove all the old Hydraulic Fluid from Tipo.

Thats Brake and Clutch and Power Steering.

Is there a particular method I should use for each system and how would I go about topping up Clutch Fluid?


My Brakes seem to not want to work at high temps.

Power Steering is getting heavier and the resoviour appears full.

Clutch goes down, not hard, not soft but the gears don't seem to want to engage unless I give it a few pumps. (Slave and Master Cylinders in working order) disengaging is easier.

Thanks (y)
n the manual they seem to use a syringe to take out the fluid from the reservoir for the power steering...

not too sure about theclutch and brakes... but i recall someone mentioning they share the same reservoir...
Disconnect the return pipe from the PS resevoir, re-route to waste bowl and flush the old oil out as you pour new in and someone steers side to side. I did this yesterday, steering not much lighter but less definitely noise from the pump area. On Sumplugs advice I added a sachet of Forte Power Steering re-conditioner. :D
Thanks for the advice :)

I have another problem now. After High Speed drives my car is smoking from somewhere :p

It comes out the wheel arch, it smells like a burning fluid of some sort, I hope I have not ripped/split a Brake cable or something.

Smells like it could be oil though :confused:

Engine Temp is as cool as ever with the new Rad I fitted so not worried about head gasket :D
wheels off and check quick. brake fluid highly flamable can burst into flames :eek:

the new fluid might have cleaned the dirt out of a cylinder and made it leak