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Sep 5, 2007
Well bloke has just called me from the garage after the service.

He said that the rear brakes are done in, pads completely worn, and are only giving 30% braking, The reak brake drums is cracked and leaking also = £310 . the front giving only 70% braking - should be 9mil are only 6mil. = £ £150

He reckons the steering is fine and swapped around the tyres. Front driver side was worn. He reckoned that this happens if one is older than the other. The kwit fit reciept I have from the previous owner show that they were both put on at the same time, but they could have been swapped around since then.

The clutch is on the way out - £290 for a new one

So £750 for the repairs??? I have no idea, but I know Mr Cluch is only charging £175 for a new clutch. What think you?

All of that work is pretty much within a competent DIY'ers scope. Maybe the cluch could be done by Mr Cluch. I would hate to pay THAT much out on a car of that age, so if you feel competent get the tools out and save a packet!
i agree. best would be to do it yourself.
the parts are not worth that much. would just take some time.
Hiya, thanks both. Sadly I have no diy experience of cars at all. Only had a car 4 weeks and only passed my test 2 mths ago.

It's good to get an idea of cost etc, so I feel I'm at least slightly informed.

see if you can find some front pads/ disks on eBay. I bought some uprated ones pretty cheap, and my local garage fitted them for £25
Hiya, I'm in East London. It was nationwide autocentre. Any recommendations would be great.

glen hopkins east ham, main dealer but i reckon it will still be cheaper than that
or there is some guys oldschool uses just outside the east end up the a13, give him a pm see what he says, you could probably get his upgraded disks and pads for cheaper that your quote for standard as well
find a local mechanics collage
they i think would be happy to do the labour for free
parts you would have to pay for

my solution can only be done at certain types on the year depending when tehre doing it

I'm getting my car steering wheel reset or tracking done for free. which one depends on which is at fault (late on in the year when the students are learning it)

gonna try and get it in body shop for small dints filling / pulling
got to pay for parts confused on that bit
rear brake drums = £20
rear shoes = £14-25
front discs = £20-30
front pads = £8-25

so at worst £100 of parts there
clutch kit (from fiat) = £41.95 inc vat (last time i checked)
clutch kit (from any cheap motorfactor) = £40-60

as for labour...

a rear brake job in the north in a mainline chain garage like HiQ or automaster etc would be around the £80-120 mark inc vat and everything.
a front brake job again, all in £100 max

a clutch job. £80-120 in labour, and then the part.

IMHO you are being well done over based on your prices, done over by more than double :bang:

and front braking down to 70%, do they mean wear or effectiveness? I reckon they mean wear, in which case you've got about another YEAR or TWO in them :rolleyes:

rears, 'leaking' may mean your brake drum cylinders are nackered. they are something like £11 each, there is one in each rear wheel. easy enough to replace in a competant garage and would be done at same time as the shoes/pads/drums.

so maybe £140 for rear end completly done all in at a private backstreet/HiQ type garage.

avoid fiat garages, avoid kwikfit.