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Styling How much would you say?


Evil Shenanigans!
Jul 7, 2005
While looking around, which i aint done in a while i came across this. Think it looks pritty good personally (y)


how much would you say it would cost about? rough guesses, estimates, exact doesn't really matter just would be interesting to see if i could afford it average price goes i suppose

Oh an any garages that would do it just incase i had the till.

Nice one
If you mean the bodywork and done to a magazine style perfect finsh I'd say £5k.

Of course, if you can do the work yourself,it would be massively cheaper (y)
Al stick to my I.T work let people who know what they are doing deal with that kinda stuff, not worth the hassel let alone the massive f up i would do.

Something i think i should go for though coz i think it looks good real good.
am thinking its actually another wide arch kit modded to fit the cinq, rear looks a bit like a dimma.
Which one have you any pics

Also just sent off the pictures to mynheer to get a quote along with paint suggestions(y) Looking forward to the result
Looks really nice but no i doubt its dimma its all a one off fabrication from what i can see and i doubt mynheer would be the best place to do it? they arent the cheapest and seem more interested in putting them dodgy from bumpers onevry car :yuck:, try

Heres another angle


Dont think i will be having a centre seat though

Think i really need to doctor the picture in colour and with my kit
Yea see what you mean, but its not impossible to do i wouldn't imagine. The body kit that is :confused:
Doctor Adobe

Its not the best but you get the idea what you all thick

To get back to the subject in hand, another look suggests that the wheel base is a bit longer than standard. There seems to be a lot of body between the door and the rear wheel.

Its dead easy to do. Get two new front wings, £20 ea and a block of foam from B and Q. Add the foam to the wing and coat with filler, sand smooth then get moulds made up and wings produced. Same with the rear quarters although you could get used ones from a scrappy to save on costs.

I did my front wings this way and made the back lips up from the moulds for the fronts.


Didn't realise sorry bud obviously i meant think i think:confused: :confused: :confused:
An its easy saying do it yourself but hummmm rather have it done propperly if you know what i mean. I know for one thing one side would be ok and the othe side would be a mess
B & Q's help or not
Im cack an stuff like that
I know i have only got one quote but here it is

Dun dun ner nerrrrrrrrrrrrr

Quote price inc everything

£6350:eek: :idea: LOAN TIME (y)