General How do I remove the front seats?

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General How do I remove the front seats?


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Oct 14, 2007
I am trying to replace the moulded carpet in a 1992 MK2 Panda 1000L. I've removed the back seats without any problems, however I got stuck with the front seats :confused: . There are two plastic bits fitted to the front end of each rail. It appears that each front seat would come off the rails by sliding it backwards following removal of all of the 4 plastic bits. Am I right? How do I remove the plastic bits without damaging them?
when i took my front one out.
unbolt the 13mm bolt the 13mm bolt at the front. near your feet.
then theres a little metal tap on the inside of each rail.
its bent out to stop the seat going too far back.

i pushed them in a little with a screw driver and hammer.
(these can be put back with a little screw driver prising when the seats back in)

then the whole thing just slides back and out.

have fun.

Managed to take them off!
Thank you very much indeed, Aran.

Salvatore (from Italy)