General How do I get the best deal on GPS??

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General How do I get the best deal on GPS??


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Nov 11, 2005
Hey GP guys!!

Well, I need your help if that's ok?!

I went to my dealer earlier today, and I test drove a white GPS (white is awesome btw) and I really love the way they drive. I was on a DC and thought I was doing about 50-60mph, when in fact I looked down and saw 95mph on the clock. They are so quiet and smooth (and torquey) it's unbelievable.

Anyway, I would like to place an order (though I don't like the idea of waiting) and get a new GPS, as I'd like to take Fiat up on their 0% Finance, 0 deposit and pay nothing for 6 months deal (as I can put the money in a high interest account and make a bit lol).

Anyway, the dealer priced up the car and spec 1.9JTD Sporting with met. paint, cruise, rain sensor, and subwoofer and it came to about £13,450 I seem to recall (have the quote somewhere).

First thing is, can anyone help with anyway on getting the dealer to do a better deal? Has anyone managed to get a better deal than that? Is it worth asking them to match the internet?

The next thing is, I cannot decide between Chemical Grey and New Orleans Blue. I have seen the grey in real life, and I really like it, but haven't seen the blue. Can anyone post any pics? I have searched the forum, but couldn't find any.

Any advice you guys could give me would be great!! :D



Motorpoint = they have some good deals.

You will get a much cheaper deal than that if you look around.

Fiatsupersaver can get you into one for about 10k i think. It's a no brainer to me, even if you get your own finance and pay interest it will still be alot cheaper. Also well worth waiting for.

If you cannot wait then there's plenty of slightly used ones around. I've just picked up a 07 diesel sporting with 6500 miles on the clock in the more expensive blue for £8200.

Good luck (y)
i can get you a discount voucher from my company 20% on the Grande Punto range but you will have to order one and wait 8 weeks. also you won't be able to have the 0% deposit and o% finance deal. so its one or the other. my GPS came to about £13,000 but with my discount i got it for £10,067.
You won't get 0% finance etc and a reduced price, you might get a few extras like mats etc but the reason they offer free finance is because you pay list price. The best thing to do is to use a private loan for about 7% and get the dealer to meet an internet price or order it from the net. is quite cheap and the options are reduced too, my dealer got pretty close to there price so I went with them because you have dealer service/contact and the 3rd year dealer warrenty. Saved about £2.5K but obviously will pay about £1k in interest but still cheaper.