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Punto 16v ELX

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Mar 13, 2006
Hi, guys n girls :)

Her n doors 2002 Punto 16v ELX wont start up if its left a couple of days (IE: parked Friday night to Monday morning).

Its like its got a flat battery when you try to start it, but its not, I've had the alarm and battery checked out and they are fine. Is there a history of iffy starter motors or alternators :confused:
If when you park it Friday night, it still has enough charge to start again say sat morning, but by monday it can't then thats the battery. They're only guaranteed for upto 4 years so I'd start there. Is it possible to secure the car without activating the alarm to check if its leaking the charge?

Other than that I'd suggest you trickle charge the battery over the weekend. Maplin have some solar powered ones that might be enough to overcome the power drain, and you don't need to have the car close to the house.
The battery is 6 months old and has been tested and is fine.
The alarm was tested for voltage drain and that was fine as well
try you battery mate, charge it up with a charger then try.

Mine sometimes does the same especially in cold weather.
Punto 16v ELX said:
It's not the battery :bang:

Hmm...........I would still try a recharge. Just to fully rule it out if anything :)
Other than, do you have any ICE etc that may make the battery appear flat if you left it on unintentionally for an extended period of time (e.g. a weekend) do you get the car started after a weekend of starting? Jump leads?
On the Friday she does around 40 Miles in it to and from work

No ICE just the standard stuff
My HGT was the same if left for a few days without running, a bit more than 2 days though, changed the battery for a higher power one and had no problem since -touch wood.