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Technical hello neighbour


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Jan 22, 2006
pozdrav susjed!
pisat cu ti na eng da se nebi ovi ljutili da nista ne razumiju!
you said that your car is still twiching! i asked around and nobody can tell me what is wrong with the car! i didn't go to electrician because i work a lot and i dont have time! try to reset the computer and let me know what happens!
how to reset the computer at all?
by the way,my car is working prety good now and i dont have any probs at all with the dashboard!:)
i read somewhere that the car will spend less fuel after the reset.
is that true?
What's up?! :D I'm glad that your car is working OK! The dashboard was real pain in the ass! Just as I thought, I have to reset the ECU! It is not a problem. There are diferent ways of reseting the ECU and the best way is to disconnect the battery for a night and.... My dear neighbour, you have it on fiatboo,
Or you can go to thread 3 on technical and see if you can find something there because I asked them about reseting the ECU where you can find Johntra, from Sarajevo asking about map sensor. Thanks for that neighbour! Nice to hear form you! (y)
Ask Deckchair about spending less fuel after you reset the ECU.

Hi Amir
After you reset the ECU it will use more fuel as it learns the best engine settings. It should steadily improve as it learns how little fuel to use. Probably takes a few tankfuls to get to its best economy
Hello Deckchair, :D
Thanks for the information, someone on the forum said that it needs to be driven for 100 miles and it will relearn the settings, but if I it needs to spend more fuel an if I get rid of the twitching, it's OK, everything has its price.
There you are Neighbour, I knew that Deckchair knows! Thanks once again! (y)