Technical Heating problems

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Technical Heating problems


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Jun 23, 2015
I have a Punto MK1 1998 year, petrol.

Yesterday I went to one mountin. Drove on a climb.

When I arrived at my destination, I noticed a small puddle under the front of the car.

Leave the engine alone to cool down. After 4 hours, I looked and found that it was moistening the lower part of the radiator, the hose connection, wiped it and it was no longer moist. The cap of the antifreeze container was dry. The fluid level in the tank is normal as when I started the trip.

I also checked the oil. The oil was at the same level as before the trip, a completely normal color because I hadn't covered a thousand km.

I have an overheat light and it didn't come on before that on the hill. The fan was working normally and turned off after a few minutes when I stopped.

I returned home and parked the car. Everything was ok. No problems with the engine.

I checked this morning, there is no pond below, but the level in the bowl has risen from the medium level, which was always up to the max mark.

Can you tell me what the problem is. What should I pay attention to? Am I allowed to drive or contact a mechanic?
When I turned the machine back on it raised the level of liquid in the bowl

I think that the combination of :

High air temperatures..
Working the motor hard..
And potentially a 30 year old cooling system may have found
'the weak link'

Did you say it was ok on the return journey?

Its possible it is the Radiator.. or a hose connection

Please tell us more :)

There were no problems on the return trip, downhill. The temperature light indicator didn't come on, the engine worked great.

However, when I finished the trip and the engine cooled down, I noticed that the level of coolant in the container had risen. Before departure, it was in the middle between min and max.

I started the machine today. The coolant level did not drop, but after about 5 minutes it reached the edge of the container.

The car is a PUNTO 1.2 OTTO, unleaded petrol