Technical haynes manual

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Technical haynes manual

When I asked Haynes they said "They don't one and have no intention of doing one in the foreseeable future"


Anyway, it's certainly more of a challenge finding out for ourselves.

Obtain a CD Manual from Ebay
Look at the parts catalog from Eper- now on line in this forum (Bless!)
Use the search
Or just ask

Nice colour Stilo you have there by the way:)
cazz said:
don't know what i'll do without one, its my bible!

Go to your Fiat dealer and ask them to enter into their computer Part Number 60448084 Workshop manual produced by Fiat betweem 01/02 approx £45 special order when I enquired I was told than they believed this was used as an actuall [how to do] for Fait staff workshops If you get any joy post back (y)
Hellcat said:
I'm popping into Wentane Fiat tomorrow morning, They have an old advert for service manuals £10.. I will ask them what the score is.

If they check out to be what I posted on Rob I would be gratfull if you would let me know cos I will purchase one and duplicate it for forum use this could be a godsend (y)
I've ordered one of those cd manuals off ebay, hopefully it will be quite useful.