Has eBay just gone MAD

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Has eBay just gone MAD


Mar 8, 2020

I listed an item for spares or repair after reading the ebay description of such items. It was described exactly correctly identifying the good and non functional area.

So the buyer either could not fix it or just wanted some bits out of it so raises a return case as 'item not as described' errr:bang::bang::bang: it was described as spares or repair and despite the ebay term stating even the item could have missing parts it was actually complete just not working. Apparently selecting a return as item not as described automatically generates the return costs to the seller.

So ebay charge me the return postage costs and refund the buyer the full amount charged back to my paypal account........7 days of dealing with some asian named personnel that seemed to just send standard diatribe messages of buyer remorse and it being my liability I get the item back damaged, opened up and now missing parts.

I spend my days tracking down online financial scammers and disrupting their networks and never thought I would see this from eBay now.

The buyers feedback is private and ebay simply removed what I placed 'politely' despite having to tick the positive. They then inform me there will be no feedback placed by either party which at least they say I keep my 100%. and top seller rating......(n).......that was a waste as I just shut my account down..........as a member since around 2004 I can do without their stupidity.

OK it is a rant but having to pay double shipping cost for something that sold for around £10 hoping someone could make use of some bits ended up costing me.

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I sold a phone, sent it special delivery, it got signed for, a few days later I got a case against me, money straight back to the buyer and a drawn out process showing, pictures of packaging, receipt of postage, Proof of delivery, eventually I won, it didn’t feel like a win, and eventually I got the PayPal payment returned, and a decision along the lines of after our investigation, you mean after I administrated every ridiculous thing you requested and eventually the system was worn down and I was paid, yet it’s so easy for the buyer to get this amazing protection, that said I still use eBay and you can now see your selling totals and bearing in mind it’s only stuff I don’t have use for it’s amazing the totalizer figure over the years. Buy it, sell it, get occasionally wound up by it, eBay.
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I had the complete opposite with eBay.
I bought a vehicle part on eBay paid the international exchange rate at the Paypal level.
EBay lost it in transit and after negotiating with the seller to send a replacement some idiot in eBay decided to refund me the purchase price after I specifically advised that I did not want a refund .
Then on the same day ebay was suggesting I try and settle the problem with the seller , they refund the purchase price.
Now I have to pay again so that paypal can make a bit more profit on the exchange rate conversion .
It's only a small amount but it is annoying .
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I wonder then where is the 'seller protection' then on the statement 'seller protected'

Just if you list something as no returns, no refunds, spares or repairs eBay seem to make up their own laws no doubt hidden in the small print.

Sorry they need a listing description then as SCRAP where the buyer has no comeback at all as shipping costs of £4.20 and return costs £3.90 on a small item that sold for £10 yes as far as I am concerned it was worthless but knowing some good parts likely with casings, glass, switches etc it ended up being pilfered for parts then returned and cost me over £8

Any other electrical/electronic items now will just go to the tip........We have a plan though as soon as the buyer lists something for sale;);):cool::cool::devil::devil::D:D

The trick I have now discovered for 'those who were in the know' is to ignore the initial ebay options listed of why you want to return as that just generates a return slip address that you have to take down to the post office and pay the delivery costs. Just scroll down to 'item not as described' and that initiates the return process at the sellers cost for postage. Make up any silly excuse why the item was not as described and you will have the whole of eBays overseas call centres sending the seller standardised emails as why they have to refund the buyer due to distant buying/selling laws.

Sad times ebay

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I bought a bike from the US which never arrived. The seller kept telling me they had sent it, so I didn't open a dispute. Eventually the seller said it had returned to them. They refused to re-send it even though I had proof that nobody had attempted to deliver it, unless I paid for the postage (£120). eBay said my time to open a dispute was over, so refused to do anything. I had to pay another £120. eBay refused to allow me to leave feedback on the seller. ?