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Styling Has anyone.........

Hi Matt yes and its the one that is stuck to the bottom third of the fr bumper personaly i didnt like it and is way over priced when lookinf for my kit i was going to fit a complete fr bumper and liked the ICC and Rieger fronts but my car is 5dr so i didnt bother in the end i went for the lester kit and as you know went to an agent for them uk shops like Lark speed ect wanted double the price you willneed to get it smoothed when fitted or it will look crap good luck with your project (y)
activematt said:
I actually mean the roof spoiler.........its strange, it has a bit split down the middle

Sorry Matt you can see what happens when old age sets in :confused:

just googled ms design and i see what you mean it is unusal but it could be filled it you finaly decided you couldnt live with it so alls not lost mate (y)
Fill it and buy a new aerial? I have the same problem with my spoiler but i'm not bothered about it hitting the aerial
activematt said:
Im going to keep it as it is.............should add to the individuality of my car!

At the end of the day Matt if your happy enough said and thats what modifying cars is all about [INDIVIDUALITY] cant imagine everyones cars looking the same can you (y) that would be boring.
wotnowarninglight said:
Would a BMW style sharkfin ariel mean you could fill the slot? :confused: Trying to come up with a gameplan for a subtle restyle...

Already looked at this possibility but what ive seen on ebay etc are only fakes so Ive shortened mine and now theres no problem with it touching the spoiler just unscrew it and at the top pull off the rounded piece then cut back the ariel leaving about 3/4 inch to push the cap back on BINGO one bee sting jobby [dont worry about cutting of the black outer covering and little wire coiled in there Ive had no problems with reception /signal alls fine (y)