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Happy slapping with a difference


Mar 1, 2004
Birmingham, United Kingdo
Just watched central news and some **** has thrown a cat from a 50ft flat to the ground and recorded it on their cellphone. If that wasn't bad enough they decided to do it 4 times on the trot. Unbelieveably on the final fall the cat managed to get away despite injury.

Police have got hold of 2 pieces of **** for questioning.
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Someone should throw them off a roof..........head first preferably.
Let me at them. They'll be wishing they were thrown off a 50ft balcony after I'd be finished with them. Cats are fantastic creatures. They choose to co-exist with humans not in the 'omg omg omg he might be nice to me' way dogs live with humans. Having a cat is like having a flat mate. A lazy one perhaps but an intersting one who keeps you entertained. People should take the time to understand cats, you might look at the world in a different way.
Put them in a room with me and Hellcat, and they will soon wish they hadnt been born :D

edit - here is what the bbc say about it...

another edit - i am getting more angry about this (i am now fuming), and i think we should travel down to the midlands, find the sh*ts that did this, and chuck THEM off a 50 foot building 4 times (y)
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Got 4 cats and i cant understand how anyone dont like em. Like hellcat says its like having another mate for company etc and they are so intelligent.......... if you left your cat & went on holiday, it wouldnt starve to death but a dog would(I like dogs too btw)
Recently got stuck at an airport so i bought a book to read"Cats miscellany" i never put it down till id finished it tells you things i never knew about cats and ive been around em since the day i was born!
Cat lovers might like this anectdote;
The difference between a cat and dog,
A dog thinks "they feed me, they shelter me, they love me, they must be Gods".
A cat thinks "They feed me, they shelter me, they love me, i must be God!!
Did you know Sir Issac Newton invented the cat flap as he got cheesed off having to get up from his work to let his cats out----TRUE

this makes me so angry. I had to put my cat down a few months ago after 13 years together, how anyone can do that to such loving creatures is beyond me :tosser:
This made me furious when I read it as well. I have a cat and a dog and the cat is by far the most intelligent. Does anyone know from another source if the cat survived?
this kinda thing makes me sick :(
i have two cats and they are great they love being around people esp at night they have to sleep on the bottom of the bed, keeps me company to.
Got two dogs but love all animals.....to be honest much more than most people I have the misfortune to meet (work related). These act's sicken me as well and jump on anyone that's involved in this kind of cruelty, just wish they get their intestine's ripped out and die a slow misserable death. :( Scum of the earth they are....a little pup was recently hanged as well :( :( :( :(
What a bunch of cowardly ****s :mad: I really hope a mad person who likes cats finds them and does the same to them, preferably landing on a spikey fence to add to the effect before smacking their heads off a concrete floor. Some people in this world should never have been born.
Cant say how angry i am about this as it will end up as ******!!!!
People like this should have their faces shown so that we can go and beat the crap out of them!
paulbfd said:
Any form of animal cruelty sickens me.

I would quite happily kick **** out of someone for doing it.


couldnt of put it better myself... anyone who thinks that is funny really needs several shades of sh*t kicked out of them on a daily basis :bang:
the law is way too soft on scrotes like these. they will probably only get a minor warning or something daft.
They have effectivly murdered three animals therefore I think they should be locked up in a full adult prison for as long as they would for say attempt human murder or such, as whilst they are not humans and the same laws do not protect cat's there are still animal abuse and things in place.

Although put lightly if I saw someone doing something like this and there was no police lets just say they wouldn't be here tommorrow, I'd drag it out too, make em bleed;)
Another few interesting facts about the loveable felines

1/ cats have no sweat glands thus they cannot sweat.
2/cats cannot chew as they cannot move their jaw sideways.
3/when a cat pounces for a mouse,one in three pounces result in a catch.:D
4/studdies suggest that cat owners have fewer health probs. and they tend to have lower blood pressure and cholesterol.(y)
5/life expectancy has doubled for the cat since 1930 from 8yrs to 16yrs.
6/a group of adult cats is called a clowder, kittens a kindle.
7/the greatest height on record of a fall and surviving is 16 stories.
8/each cats nose print is like a fingerprint,they are all unique.
9/cats fur consists of two layers, an undercoat and top coat.
10/in G.B. a cat has to be stuck in a tree 48hrs before the fire brigade will consider attending.:eek:

I leave you with this brainteaser;
If toast always lands butter side down
and if a cat always lands on its feet
what would happen if a piece of buttered toast was secured the butter side up on a cats back and the cat fell out th window