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rich hemmings

Aug 21, 2004
ok as u guys know i am looking to get a car when i pass ma test, so how much is the new grande punto??, the 1.2 active base modle and what does is come with as i really like the look of it and i would love one!

any info will help me!


7500 they start at. I went and had a look yesterday, feels like a VW in terms of trim and shutting doors lol. The lower specs were ok, but the Sporting with the bodykit and nicer interior - (y)

Noticed they have the Aerotwin wipers, nice touch.
wolfracepunto said:
feels like a VW in terms of trim and shutting doors lol.

Totally agree, I've had a 04 Fabia vRS and before that a 52 Leon Cupra and the new Punto feels very much like both in terms of build quality, trim etc
It'll be a while yet before it comes on the 2nd hand market for a decent price, most early examples will be so near to the list price you may as well buy a brand new one anyway
thanks for that, as i only turned 18 last thursday ma mum dosent want me to go into debt when i do get a car! so that is why i was asking about the used prices!!


Well I have now driven both the grande punto (in base spec 65bhp, and it was dire in terms of performance, 0-60 is over 20seconds I would reckon) and a JTD sporting panda, I loved the panda, its the new punto!!! INterior was tacky but had loads of extra's!

Seriously for your first year save your money and buy some thing cheap and chearfull (or not), if you prang it into a lamppost or similar then it won't matter, you won't have to declare it etc due to £££.

I got a 1litre polo coupe, then a 1.4 rover 100 (Read metro with rover 200 interior crammed in), then a 1.2 punto, I now have 1years NCB, and am half way to my 2nd!! I am just 19 now!
imo i think the grande is going to hold its value very, very well. not sure how panda is faring but i'd imagain that is doing the same also :D