Technical Getting the radio out!!!!

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Technical Getting the radio out!!!!


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Sep 25, 2007
Redditch, Worcestershire
I have recently bought a 54 plate Stilo - we have been trying to get out the radio/cassett player for about 3 weeks with no luck. We have universal radio key, but it won't budge! if anyone can advise please????? also, will i then need any kind of code or anything else i should know? we just have a normal cd player to install, not fiat.....thanks if you can help.
We have universal radio key
What's that? Anyway, look in the Stilo Guides for removing the centre vents or removing heater control panel and you'll find all you need. But you may need to lever at each side of the radio once you're sure you have released the 4 catches with suitably sized rods
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I used 4 lengths or wire from an old coathanger to release the clips, then, with the rods still in place, levered the unit out with my 'big-jim' screwdriver. It was a pig, but it came out eventually. If you're fitting a non-fiat CD player you'll need the facia adaptor as the OEM stereo is huge, not standard DIN size.
Just make sure you have a facia panel to mount the new stereo in, or you'll be kicking yourself having to put the old back in until you get the new panel! You need something along the lines of this. It's the top one of the two you'll need.