Technical Gearbox problem

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Technical Gearbox problem


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Jun 18, 2013
Good evening.
I would like to buy ball bearings,And I don't know what is.Can you help me?
I'll attach pictures with my own bearings.Let me know ASAP.Thanks so much for your time. IMG_1480285107.658430.jpgIMG_1480285124.975909.jpgIMG_1480285141.579551.jpgIMG_1480285155.515994.jpgIMG_1480285180.346655.jpgIMG_1480285195.246169.jpgIMG_1480285212.878511.jpgIMG_1480285232.738372.jpgIMG_1480285250.676040.jpgIMG_1480285268.962412.jpgIMG_1480285284.440242.jpgIMG_1480285304.531596.jpg
All those old bearings and seals will have numbers on them that will be unique to the size, go to a bearing shop with all of them.
I havent remove the axles yet and I can not see the codes of the bearings
2 x Differential Bearings NP537150/NP050487
2 x Top Mainshaft Bearings NP854792/NP430273
1 x Top Input Shaft Bearing NP797735/NP430273
2 x Bottom Mainshaft Bearings NP238750/NP929800
1 x Front Input Shaft 25mm Bearing NP259742/NP378917
1 x Front Input Seal Corteco OEM 24,5x41x6 mm
2 x Differential Seals Corteco OEM
You say in your first post "I'll attach pictures with my own bearings.Let me know ASAP.Thanks so much for your time"
If these are your own bearings in the pictures then you have the numbers, even the inner and outer bearing housings are there, take them to a bearing supplier and you will get them. If you are going to replace the diff bearings you will have to remove them anyway.(y)