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General Gearbox Issue's M32

Dec 1, 2010
Just a post to let you guys know of my own issue's with this crap gearbox.
Had my 2009 AGP for 2 years now and it's on 50,000 miles.
The last few months i have noticed that the play started on Gears 1 and 5 and was getting progressively worse.
More recently the car was making a very strange noise when pulling away in first and the engine tone fluctuated strangely in second too.
Thought i had better get it sorted so rang lots of local to me (Southampton) companies and best quotes were between the £800-£1000 mark, with all work involving taking the gearbox out completely and overhauling it.
Read a number of posts on here, Fiat and Vauxhall forums about how crap this Gearbox is and 2 companies stood out. WG Motorworks (Isle of Sheppey) & Halifax gearbox and clutch centre (Halifax obviously)
WG could not get me in at short notice and strangely they don'y have a telephone no. so communication is done by email. Halifax could see me within a few days so booked it in.
Drove the 250 miles from Southampton, crazy i know but it was just me and the lorries for the most part so an easy drive. Left at 3 am and got there at 7:30. Waited an hour for them to open up. They dropped me into Halifax whilst the work on my car was completed.
Had a fry up and walked round the small town several times.
3 hours later the car was done and was picked up again in my own car and taken back to the garage to pay and for them to explain and show me the work that had been completed.
I needed a full set of bearings and 2 bearing hubs which was most probably causing my strange noises. They showed me what had been removed from the car and how all the components interact with each other so I left with a good sense of how it all worked.
All in it cost £470 + £60 of fuel so i saved myself a good few hundred pounds compared to my local options, so well worth the trip!
Drive home wasn't so fun, snow blizzard's and traffic!
Glad to hear it's all fixed! I had my 1.3 with M20 done at WG last month because I'd got the whining in 6th (and spreading to 5th). Sounds like very similar experience, all done within 3 hours, which did make me begrudge paying so much (£599 for full set) for such a quick job but I'd rather that than a local who takes the box out and hasn't done one before, that and Warren the owner is a magician who really knows what he's doing! From your experience it looks like both places (WG and Halifax) will sort out any M32 no problem, and it just comes down to which you're closest to. Whilst Halifax is closer for me (just), me and the other half made a holiday of our trip to Kent with a stop off for the gearbox :)
Yeah it worked out alright in the end. WG would have been closer but couldn't fit me in when I wanted it done. More garages should jump on the bandwagon as the M32 is keeping Halifax gearboxes in business! ?
I live in Halifax and have been to Halifax G+C centre twice already, bearings and reinforced clutch. Will be returning soon for new flywheel.

Good set of lads, knowledgeable and honest. And like you say, that m32 box pays their wages. They should send a thank you letter to General Motors ha
Another shout out for Halifax Gearbox and Clutch. Had bearings replaced there today, £350, I arrived at 9:15, they dropped me in Halifax and rang me at 12 with it done. Hubs would have been £85 and £40, I think, but I didn't need them. Metallic grinding in 5th and 6th now gone, together with the one in 2nd I hadn't really noticed until it had gone!
Does anybody know if the 2014 multi air turbo fiat bravo gearbox will fit my 2007 fiat bravo tjet 150 ???