Technical M32 Gearbox Issues - Second Opinion?

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Technical M32 Gearbox Issues - Second Opinion?


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Apr 11, 2016
Got an interesting one here, so just wondering if anyone's got any ideas.

Had the usual M32 issues, so bit the bullet and went for a rebuild. All fine and dandy, and new clutch, DMF etc to complete the job.

Got the car back, and I now a grating / whine in neutral which disappears when the clutch is engaged, and what I am convinced is transmission whine when going up through the gears 1st - 3rd......

As my mechanic farmed the job out to a local box 'specialist' he assures me that matters will be resolved. I sense a reluctance to pluck the box out in the first instance until he knows exactly what the issues could be as the labour alone for pull / refit is £250. The specialist seems disinterested in inspecting the car with box in-situ, which is surprising.

Just thought I'd throw it open on here just to see if anyone's had similar experiences and maybe some pointers on where the remedy may lie.....

cheers in advance
Sounds like the clutch thrust bearing... does it disappear already if you just push sligthly on the pedal or does it need to be fully dis-engaged ?

Regards, Bernie
Thanks Bernie.

The clutch needs to be fully depressed for the noise to disappear.

Mmmmh, bad news, that's doesn't confirm a bad thrust bearing but morelikely internal noise from the gearbox. Not sure if there are preloads used on the bearings in the M32, do you notice a difference when warm vs cold ? How long has the power train been runnins since the rebuild ? New bearings may need some more time to settle properly...

Regards, Bernie
I'd say I've covered about 1K miles since the refurb. Noise wise, no real difference between cold or warmed up in my opinion. Box has a noticeable crunch when engaging second from cold.....

Ironically enough, it was my mechanic who picked up on the noise back in Jan when she was in for a timing belt. So the situation hasn't improved.

Plus she knows I'm talking about her, 'cos the climate control fan packed in on the weekend!! It doesn't rain lol......