Technical gearbox oil

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Technical gearbox oil


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May 16, 2015

dont know whether this will be of help to anyone,
ive recently noticed a small transmission oil leak coming from my multis gearbox,

i decided to top up the level until i got the time to investigate, but after spending hours on the web, even on here ,no one could be decisive about the locations of the filler plug for topping up, the level hole and the drain plug location, some said both the fill and level plugs are on the front some said the side,

well i located the fill plug on the front and located the drain plug below the n/side driveshaft, and finally located the fill level plug on the n/side of the gearbox towards the front in a recess giving about an inch os space to get an allen key in:mad:

well i found my leak was coming from the filler level plug which hadnt been tightened properly and touch wood alls well