General Gear Knob Change, Lift reverse?

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General Gear Knob Change, Lift reverse?


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Nov 21, 2005
Hello looking at buying a 95 16v coupe (no I dont want a Turbo version I hear you say) would this have a Lift reverse change or standard. I want to change the Gear knob and need to know what to get. Is it easy todo and do you recomend one thats easy to fit?


i can only speak for the 20vt but i would imagine the 16v being the same.

It is lift up reverse and if you had been quicker you could have bought my new one i bought but never fitted. It was sold on friday.
heres the one i bought for mine...

May I ask where you got it from and how you fiitted it, oh and how much did it cost,


I don't think the 16V had a lift-up reverse. I think it was only the 20VT with that.
16v same engine and gearbox as the 16v Tipo? If so no lift-reverse needed.

Oh by the way.. Changing the gear knob shouldn't be holding you up from buying the coupe! Get it bought then start thinking about changing it!
I wasnt sure with the 16vs i dont know much about them that's why i said i can only speak for the 20vt...

If it doesnt have a life up then you want a momo cobra gear knob mmmmm
Nice, but how do you know where the next gear is? :p

I quite like the round ones.. half-stainless, half-wood/plastic whatever it is.
Ah I'd call them spheres :p

Can't afford £50 for a gear knob so the original one will stay for now!
Can't actually remember if my old 16vt had a lift up reverse. I don't really like the standard 20vt knob but like Hellcat I just won't stump up half a hundred pounds for a shiny bit of metal that cost like £8 to make :p
If I wanted to walk into Halfords today what brand or make could I go for and how will I know it will fit. Will they know? Picking up coupe tomorrow, very impatient and want to get one today!!!!!!:eek: :yum:
Thanks Sammi

My new knob looks great :cool: the other one was a right pain to get off, I ended up cutting it to shreds :D
You know my wife doesn't like me posting pictures of it on the web :eek:

Will try and get some pics at the weekend ;)
JimO said:
Thanks Sammi

My new knob looks great :cool: the other one was a right pain to get off, I ended up cutting it to shreds :D

I had that knob for a year and never got round to fitting it :eek:

So you have done well :D

Have you fitted the gauge yet?
No not done the gauge, I have to be honest I have actually sold it on, at the same time as buying yours I bought another one from another member and I prefered there one as it looked more original than the smoked look, so it has been moved on to a new owner :) :rolleyes: