Styling Fullback grill

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Styling Fullback grill


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Mar 14, 2020
Hi all

Newbie here, Have had my Shiny black 2017 auto fullback for a month now, I actually have went from an series 5 Mitsubishi L200. The only downside to the fullback I’m my opinion is the front radiator grill. Has anyone modified this or found a replacement ? I’m thinking of buying either the Mitsubishi chrome grill or smoked grill. I can’t see any issues with the fitment but Just to see what you guys thoughts are before hand.

Any help is appreciated
I think there won't be an issue with it. Aside from the grill, were you able to install a bumper to it? I want to add an aftermarket bumper on my Fullback and I need suggestions on which one I should buy. I'm taking my time checking my options since I'm currently working on installing my new Dually wheels and winter tires.