General Focus Induction on Sei

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General Focus Induction on Sei abs for me hihi..ill order it immediately..thanks my friend
Just out of interest, and i'm sure it's an obvious answer, but will this same kit fit on an R reg cinq sporting? I'm not sure if it's SPI or MPI so if someone could clarify exactly how to tell I'd be very grateful.
Custard, you are the muts! So now I know that my engine's SPI, will the focus kit fit it?
clawliger, what do you plan on doing with your old focus kit? ;) Can someone please confrm that his MPI kit will fit my SPI or am I just being thoroughly confuzzled?
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Nope it doesnt fit, based on the fact all the ones on ebay are advertised as MPI kits and are fitted to MPI seis.

Email seller to confirm however
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