Off Topic Info on Seicento 2Tones?

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Off Topic Info on Seicento 2Tones?


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Aug 3, 2023
New member here! I've came here to basically find any information on the 12 2Tone Seicentos left from 2022, as ugly as some people find them, its basically my dream car lol (ESPECIALLY the orange & silver)
Not even sure if anyone here is still an owner of one..
Only 2 I've found on the internet that are still on the road are WJ02 BBZ & FX02 RWF

Also making a registry of ones I can find! Hopefully one day I can actually own one, still waiting for a Sei to pop up in my area within my budget.. :)


When I first saw one of these (blue and silver) I thought it had been accident damaged! So I expect that's what most people think! It's funny, surely they can't have been very popular when new for this reason? It's a good example of italian style, sometimes they are too stylish for their own good!

Was it a late response to the Polo Harlequin?

Seicento are fast becoming a rare sight now let alone two-tone versions :)

Just looked at and it says 12 Licenced and 21 Sorn but this might not be correct as it depends on what was written on the log books? Wether they'd sorted this out by 2001/2 I'm not sure? At their height there were only 285 on the road in 2003!
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