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what a great site (y), my clothing is being ordered :eek:

will someone get there ass in gear and design a FF logo :p , it been talked about for ages, but has never happened :(
Alan.D said:
I would imagine with such a popular site it would take off like an f16.

As far as the logo was concerned I would have the Fiat Forum as the main logo with Classic Panda, Punto, Stilo etc under it.

Mmmmmm or maybie STILO,Punto,Classic panda even :p :D
i definatly think its a good idea. liked the ones we saw at the show, particularly those with the site/club etc on the back and the a small logo and then the usernames/nicknames on the front.

but i would definatly have one. :)
if i was any good at using a computer then i would have happily attempted to design a logo but im not so kinda puts me out of it. :(

would the logos etc be printed on or stitched into it? :rolleyes:
The embroidery is free with the shirt or whatever you want it on and could be as the forum logo above although you would probably need permission from fiat for the first bit as it will be copywrite. They need the logo in a certain format that I'm sure the admin could sort out. The price for each polo shirt worked out at £8.43 but I'm sure it would be much less for a site of this size and they are excellent quality.

BTW just incase you are wondering I'm not affiliated in anyway to those that make or sell them. But I do like them having just ordered 33.

If you do go ahead or look closer into it keep it simple logo on the chest and that's it or it will get tacky.


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