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Fiat diesel engines


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Jan 5, 2006
Hi all. The engine in my Tipo TD needs replacing and I was wondering if one from the Bravo/Brava/Marea range will fit? I'm not worried about the JTD engine at the moment just the normal TD one, although if they are of a similar design I may consider going for the JTD! Any information and/or comments most welcome. Cheers..
as far as im aware the swap from td to jtd is quite involved, its not a straight swap block for block. almost all the ancilleries including the likes of ecu and fuel pump etc need to be swapped aswell.

it would be a whole lot simpler to keep the td setup. im not sure if the brav range of td engines is the same, but i would hasten a guess towards tham being similar, if not the same, the only thing i can think of is items like engine mounts that may be different between the cars (brav and yours) the td technology is fairly old as to speak so in essence the engine will be compatible.

sorry if this doesnt really help too much, not really a diesel lover!:D

could try posting on aswell as some of the guys on there may well know
Thanks for your thoughts. Any info like that is welcome.(y)
the tipo TD and bravo/brava engines will be similar. what you will need to do, is swap components ove like mounts, sump, ex manifold, water pipes. generally all ancillaries. the bare engine will be the same.:)