General few turbo questions.

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General few turbo questions.

Oct 2, 2003
Cheadle, Staffordshire
hello! im back in the uno forum :D

Just a few questions on my MK1 tub.

Driving it home last night, its perfect and pulls stupidly through all gears except 5th. its fine to drive but one minute you put your foot down and its goes, the next minute its as if there is a limiter on it as you floor it and the engine gets louder and it feels like it wants to go but it doesnt. well it does but not as quick. The boost gauge goes up to about 0.7 bar so its boosting, just not actually going anywhere. its kind of like a hesitation. it kinda gets to 100mph and doesnt wanna go any faster even though you can feel it definatly can.

any ideas what it may be? if anything as it had been sat for over a week so may have been running oddly etc. plus before the drive I had turned off the bleed valve as ide been instructed.

If it had been setup when putting on the bleed valve, would it cause fueling problems putting it back to standard by just turning it off at the valve?

oh and one more thing :)... The dump valve doesnt tish :eek: It defo works as you can see it open and close but it doesnt tish when it does. can you get silent dump valves or is it probably broken?


bit of research on SPorting Fiats Club and found

"Now on the side of the Plenum Chamber is a pressure cut out switch. The standard cut out operates at 0.86bar. And it loses accuracy as it ages – cutting at lower pressures. So the switch terminals must be electrically isolated. Detach it and make sure the terminals are secured completely electrically isolated (very taped up)."

I remember the guy mentioning this, said that in 4th and 5th you need to ease off the pedal and go for it again, which worked to an extend.

So how can I turn it off? :p how can you put the boost up and not have it cut out all the time then?
so are u saying the electronic boost cut is still attactched? is so this is on the plenum. just un screw it, tape it up and reattach. its fiats little "safety" thing lol

what i really really reccomend mate, is a rolling road session. dont know if uve ever done one before, but it could be the difference between a £100 for a RR session and £1000s for a rebuild lol. they'll adjust fueling, boost (to whatever u want, i say 1 bar) idle, cam timing etc the lot. get it running soooooo smooth its unreal. they'll also tell u whats wrong with the engine, what the reccomend etc. i tell u know, on the drive home from a proper RR tune up, my UT felt at least 20% quicker then the drive there! its amazing!

spot on diagnosis dunc! drives perfect now :D

Alex, think i might book a RR session at the place dunc does his (where they tune the noble cars) which is up north somewhere.. not far from stoke. come along too if you wanna get yours in :)

Dunc said its around £60 an hour and a full tune up etc takes around 2 hours.