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Technical replacement turbo


Oct 20, 2018
I have been investigating a low boost issue on my uno turbo engine (happens to be in an X1/9) and I was thinking of trying a replacement turbo or getting it refurbed.
Anyway a thought occurred while searching ebay, would the IHI turbo from the 500 arbarth fit and work? Would it even be an upgrade?

Anyone looked into this as a more economic replacement?
You can get more power from the original turbo by a full refurb and ‘remanufacturing’ the internals…there’s a number of firms offering this but I’m trying to remember the firm that’s been on everything from wheeler dealers to car sos
I was more thinking of it being a more readily available and therefore cheaper exchange.

Power changes, well that is a second consideration
The turbo is a simple concept. A shaft, with a fan on each end.
Boost is controlled by a wastegate, which is really just a valve that releases excess pressure.
The turbo can be inspected easily, once you've got access to it. There should be no play in the shaft, it should spin freely, and both fans should be clean, undamaged, and secure on their shafts.
If boost is low, options include:
Fan loose on the turbo shaft.
Wastegate stuck, or releasing early.
Air leaks in pipework post-turbo.
Blockages in intake pipework.

Is there an intercooler? Challenging in an X1/9. Is that blocked, or leaking? If fitted at the front of the vehicle, is the longer pipework losing the boost?

Before just adding extra boost, consider whether the engine can handle it. Unless a bigger push is only compensating for the extra pipework length.

If this is the 1.4, the manifold and pipework may be compatible with newer FIRE engines. If the 1.3, that'll be more difficult.