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dave said:
you seen Punto_lass sig?:eek:

Another VAG driver!

Is anyone else seeing a pattern here?


Fiat to VW


Fiat to Skoda

Wayne (YoungerModder)

Fiat to Seat


Fiat to Skoda

and I'm converting from Fiat to Seat.

Yes I did weigh up the vRS but the FR drove better and the interior spec had more to offer. Plus the facelift looks awesome :D


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Its on stilts :eek: :D Nah, I do like the look of the FRs on the whole just the rear 3/4 is a bit naff (I think the wheels are too far in the arch). I was looking at them this time last year, but the fact that the vRS is a Skoda and that only the right people know about them is :cool: (imo)

I dont understand how the FR drives better though. Theyre pretty much identical underneath :confused:
I can't believe it...

All set to order an Ibiza FR then it was like Fiat again, dealer became an a**e!

Went back to test drive the Skoda which impressed me, dealer let me out on my own which gave me the opportunity to take it on a longer route. Had a good chat with the Sales Manager and now I've ordered one!

Bundle of options including leather interior :)

So how many owners have been converted?
Nah I'll check it out though.

Think it was the leather option that swung it plus heated seats.

and prehaps the fact I had a huge grin on my face after leaving an X4 trailing :D
vRS in red with ESP, Cruise, Heated Seats, Xenons, Side Airbags & CD Changer for £13K

Couldn't get the leather discounted as it's dealer supplied rather than factory fitted plus it's new option on the vRS. Thats costing £1300 but tbh I think it's worth it.
Bob in disguise said:
shouldve tried the 130bhp grande punto! :p or have you been put off fiat? :(

Yes I did fancy the Grande Sporting JTD but the crap I've had with dealership and fiat UK over warranty issues, it has put me right off purchasing another one. Shame I'm hoping things will improve in the future.
Hopefully the date will improve but I'm trying to avoid accepting the car mid way through the month and lose out on tax. Also gives me a chance to time the sale of my punto. Don't want to end up without transport!
Yeah good idea with the tax. I got mine on 25th May, but the tax runs out end of april :rolleyes: Bit annoying but I didnt do anything about it at the time because I was happy Id got the car!

I sold the Punto with about 2 weeks to delivery, but my sister let me use her Clio for that time (y)