Technical Exploding Marea Exhaust!

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Technical Exploding Marea Exhaust!


Feb 28, 2020
United Kingdom
Hi All,

RE: Marea 1.6 sx 1999.

Well... coming home the other day, the red injector light was on/off and the car was missing something terrible.
Then there was a big bang and we thought the exhaust had fallen off.
Actually it looks like the box exploded, what on earth would cause that?

On the plus side, the injector light stayed off after that and it didn't seem to be missing anymore, it was just rather loud.

See pic, anyone know if this model has a cat (ouch). If it does, is it legal to fix an exhaust without one? I found one in Poland...



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Yes you have cat

This looks like muffler was clogged, or it was falled apart inside, and those bits blocked on outgoing pipe.

Due to pressure, muffler snaped on place where it was weaked.

Also check cat, maybe falled apart inside.

On my Marea, i opened cat, removed inside cells, and welded straight pipe. From outside looked like a cat.

I did it because i had LPG- im my country you dont have to test exaust gases on MOT
>Should not have affected the CAT. Just get a new box

That's great news, thanks. I'm dreading ringing Fiat for a price..., if they even still have such a thing..

Just a thought but could that back pressure have caused the misfiring/injector warning light?. It seemed to be ok after the bang... (!)
>im my country you dont have to test exaust gases on MOT

Thanks for the reply, sadly that's not the case in the UK..

>probably put the light on.

Woo hoo, more good news. Thank you!

I just found a full exhaust for under 200 quid, inc cat. Wow.

So now I just need to see if my Fiat dealer can diagnose my ABS warning light
and the Marea might yet be saved.

My local garage can't plug into it, if Fiat can't either then I guess I'll be back here to learn about wiring something to do it. Yikes.