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General EXHAUST--need help


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Jan 17, 2006

I`m not very good with car knowledge, and wanted some information for this problem:

i have a punto 1.1 s 1996, and the exhaust pipe is facing downwards. I want to connect something like a backbox so that the exhaust is facing straight, instead of the ground.

Does anybody know anything about this??

Also, if i buy 1 of those air filter round box thingy, where do i install it in the bonnet??

Thank you in advanced.

I have been waiting for someone to ask this question. Simple answer - when installing a backbox - that whole 'pointing down' pipe gets ripped out and replaced. If you install a backbox you should/will cut the original punto exhaust pipe in half basically.... Hard to explain without pics...


Diagram kind shows the exhaust of the Punto.. with (slash) describing where the original pipe and new pipe will join... hope that helps??

Also - buy a Punto Max power Haynes book. It will help you so much!

The 'round air box fingy' I take it you mean a 'bob', as I have been told before. again - The haynes manual will tell you what to do with it - but... If you pop your bonnet you will see a big ugly air box.. take that out and put your 'bob' in replacement, of course with some piping and an air filter! Gets trickier if you have fuel injection.. like mine! :bang:

Anyways - post again if you need a hand - everyone at FiatForum are so helpful!

thank you mate ever so much, you dont know how much you`ve helped me !!

thanks again! well appreciated.:)