ever spotted new cars being tested?

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ever spotted new cars being tested?

Jun 3, 2004
Ooop North
I did on Wednesday when I was broken down the motorway. looks like a new range rover evoke or something ImageUploadedByFIAT Forum1411153617.598715.jpg
Does in deed look like an evoke I initially thought it was a RR sport but the back doors aren't right so must be an evoke

We have lotus up the road so usually see a few cars in testing (I think one of the mods on here works for them)

Have seen vauxhalls teslers and lotusususus being tested up and down the A11
Years ago, we were driving in the Death Valley, USA, and there we saw four heavily disguised GM cars driving by, in the intense heat, with in each car two people, wearing crash helmets.
The cars looked like Pontiac Firebirds, but could well have been some other model underneath.
All car manufactures perform high heat tests in practice overthere...
We will never forget that encounter...
It's the new Freelander in the picture. I live near the Solihull factory, and saw one the other day. A quick check on the reg showed it to be a 2.2 diesel.

When I was on holiday in Majorca a few years back I saw the new A5 on its press launch day being driven around.