Technical Engine Problem Please Help

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Technical Engine Problem Please Help


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Feb 17, 2006
Right, about 4 months ago car starting burning a fair bit of oil, dont know why, no signs of leaking or any burining smells, it was just disapearing, so i kept topping it up every week and carried on,a week ago the car started juddering a bit and had lost a lot of power when accelerating, took it to garage, said it sounded like one of cylinders not firing, did compression test, one of cylinders was not firing, had valves all checked ok,their was a lot of oil inside so this seems to be where the excess oil maybe going, slight scoring on head gasket, had this replaced and cylinder head skimmed, now when starting the engine still doesnt sound right, it now kangaroo jumps a fair bit when accelerating, and when i checked new spark plug on the cylinder that was not firing it had oiled up a fair bit this is still failing compression test, any ideas of what problem maybe, or where to look next, any feedback much appreciated,

PS. I dont have a clue about cars so go easy if this doesnt make much sense.
It all makes sense

You have high oil consumption, spark plug covered in oil and low compression and that cylinder

It sounds like possible piston rings broken or worn out on that cylinder.
Is it a high mileage Bravo? worn out or broken rings

Did it suddenly happen? broken piston rings

Other possiblilities are a cracked cylinder head or blown gasket again but I'd be thinking piston rings from your symptoms
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Weve checked the cylinder head and that is not cracked, and the gasket is ok. But it could be the piston rings, its just we dont have the equipment or expertise to get underneath and do that job, taking it to garage next week so hopefully they can fix it, thanks for the reply.