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Mar 18, 2002
United Kingdom.
iv just bought a sub...i need to buy a sealed box 4 it...so if i take it to ice shop..will do everthing (eg; secure the sub in2 the box, and lead the wires to the outside ready 4 the speaker cable to be wired up)....in other words would they give me it back 4 me just 2 drop in my boot and sort the speaker wire to my amp? how much is it likely to cost 4 a 10" sub..

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Sorry it's not really about the subs, but does the puntogt01642 have any reference to dialling codes ?? May sound odd, but that's my area code. Probably seen you around if so.


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If you ask the shop to mount the sub, and attach the internal speaker wire they will be happy to - and they should do it for free if you are buying the box from them.

Pre-made sub boxes - i wouldnt expect to pay more than £40-£50 for a good quality one.


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yeah im from boro...but i dont drive a GT just a shitty lil 1.2, but hey its my 1st car!ull probaly see me about next month thats when i get my car back..its been off the road since 26th november 2001..cause sum daft **** reversed doughnutted in2 my car in redcar the daft ****...were do u cruise in ur car? do u know of any dates 4 cruises in our area this summer?cause i know from last year the police came down heavy on the organisers of a few cruises and the website was shut down...is any1 planning on goin to max power?(convoy)!

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Follow the link at the bottom of the mail to my site, there's a pic of my car there. Don't really know of any cruises in the area, but will be going to Stanford Hall (26/5) and Donnington (31/8) to meet up with clubcento'ers. Probably going to Max Power too, it was good last year. Give us a flash (steady now...) if you see me about.


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