Technical Early Cinquecento fuel tanks - do they fit?

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Technical Early Cinquecento fuel tanks - do they fit?

Oct 24, 2006
I think i heard that the earliest Cinquecentos had a different fuel tank. This cars with fillers in this position and without a flap


Obviously the the filler pipe will be different but what about the tank?

I have someone with a 1993 Cinq like this with the tank still in the car. We're wondering if the 1996 tank i have will be suitable. They're not local to me so i can't do much investigation on their car
I may have answered my own question

To my surprise there is a listing on ebay for a 1991-1993 tank and the picture looks different


My question is that picture an accurate representation of an early tank. If so they're clearly quite different mainly around where the fuel goes in and the hole for the fuel pump
The chassis and subframes are identical and the mounting brackets are all in the same place... so superficially, they do "fit"... but the SPI/injected cars had a different fuel pump, which requires a "round" (circular) hole. The earliest cars with carburettors had a fuel pump hole with the crenelations as in the image above.

Ralf S.
That looks like the SPI tank, so I'd say yours will fit.

The round hole "spi" version has studs for nuts to hold down the pump. The "carburetted" tank has a hexagonal hole without the studs to bolt down the pump (see attachment) - it must screw/twist in against some resistance on the pump housing, I'd guess.

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My concern is the angle of the inlet pipe leading from the filler neck. The round filler cap model is positioned further forward than the later flap ones. Is just the filler pipe different or is the tank opening in a different spot?

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I think it's cool Jim.

I've looked at different tanks and the outlet looks "identical" (although different manufacturers' tanks for the same car have different length stubs and some are flared, some look more smooth... etc. See the tank below.

But, each tank has a rubber sheath/seal around the outlet, and then either a collar that clamps over it, or just a simple tube attachment (from Dec 93 onwards, as far as I can tell). The fuel filler pipe then connects to the collar (see #2-5 in the first parts diagram) or directly to the seal (item 3 in the second one).

Each type of filler pipe is obviously different, since one has a recessed filler cap and the other is flush with the body, but the parts where it meets the tank, (either at a collar or at the seal) have identical part numbers so it seems (as you might think is logical anyway) that the tank components are identical except where they're different... The punter's existing pipework must fit onto the tank you have because the seal on the tank stub are all the same.

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