General Driveshaft gaiters / website for spares?

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General Driveshaft gaiters / website for spares?

Dec 5, 2005
Sleepy Suffolk
I am looking at having my driveshaft gaiters replaced as I have a split in one and I am losing transmission oil. Any ideas on parts cost and how long it would take a mechanic to sort? Where do you guys go for spares - is there a good website?
I changed the bearings recently the first part of which is to remove one end of the driveshaft after that it's a matter of removing the innerside which is either four hex screws on the passenger side or three on the drivers side, it's relatively easy but will take a little time if you have never done this before.

You will have to replace the gearbox fluid as you will loose it all but it's an item that isn't often changed so will do the gearbox some good.

This will help you on your way...

A much quicker way than this is to leave the callipers on and drop the bottom ball joint, remove the steering arm and swing the leg out to remove the driveshaft but the ball joint can be ruined if your unlucky.
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