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Mar 5, 2005
Right, Steve wasn't the only one sneaking off work today to play with a panda....
Started work on juppy today to see how bad this rust is.....


That's from inside the scuttle looking out. Not pleasant:(



That's what's left when you cut all the rot back.... (and it's still not all gone:cry: )


But at least the grill on the outside hides it so when it's repaired the welds won't be seen (or if Stu gives up, then the Isopon won't be seen:p )

When I was working on the rear side window I took the back seat out for access, I noticed that the area under it looked like this...


Water must of been getting in through the side window and gathering under the back seat... See what's coming next???


I scraped all the fiber sound proofing off and there was what I was expecting... Rust



Which has left a few holes along where the 'chassis' rails are on the car, beside the wheel arches....

Also the rubber round the boot lock has perished and let water in which is corroding the bottom of the tailgate but as I'd lost the will to live by that point I didn't take a photo...

Alan has said that I'm not allowed to sell it, crush it or push it into the sea for at least 24hrs and Stu called about the same time to say 'Chin up' and 'It can't be that bad, there was only the dirt holding Steve's car together so Juppy don't despair!!!'

At least I got the back seat looking nice again!!!


it's still wet there but it's a nice satin now....

I'm going to find some booze.....:cry:

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No, Hoke is the right word. It's a bit like F**k which as you know has all sorts of meanings.

I'm saying some of those meanings right now actually after looking at those pics:p

Juppy will rise again. I may never get my 127 done :cry: but at least there will be 2 shiney Pandas running about.
Actually I found something quite interesting the other day when I open the boot... The seals around the boot are fine but the boot floor and liner was covered in mildew from the condensation... something normal cars don't suffer from so muchbecause they have fabric and rubber covering all surfaces. The panda's on the other hand have got metal which was accelerating the cooling of the air it seems... so after a few days there was quite a lot of water under the cargo shelf...

the rubber mat doesn't help either as it's completely none wicking. so the water just sits under your back seat indefinately.
I've got an awful case of De-ja-vou. I have just drempt Juppy arrived at my house today full of holes.
Now that could never be,,,,never bee,,,,never beee,,,,,,,,,nnnneeeeevvvveeerr bbbbbeeeeeee :spin: :sleep:
Down Load Juppy....

Stuartl said:
I've got an awful case of De-ja-vou. I have just drempt Juppy arrived at my house today full of holes.
Now that could never be,,,,never bee,,,,never beee,,,,,,,,,nnnneeeeevvvveeerr bbbbbeeeeeee :spin: :sleep:

Mmmm... Thank you Uncle Stu for the kindly reminder that I should be posting:p I'll remember that when I'm editing next months NIIMC Newsletter:rolleyes:

Anyway, he's quite correct, I went to the trailer hire company in 'PandaBird2' (well, the Kangoo is doing it's bit for International Panda Rescue:eek: ) and as par usual the weather was miserable.


Freezing fog and black ice... Just the right stuff to transport your precious panda around on:cry:


Juppy uploaded, he's not really into public apprearences at the moment. Bit like all teenages with acne, they tend to try and cover it up:eek:


All tied down and ready to take off to Uncle Stu's so that he can make him better...


Uncle Stu goes "Feck, is that bit ment to come off??? Aaggh, I'll throw it in the engine bay and Jim will never notice......"

More to follow.....

Well I had to put the Lancia out in the rain to get Juppy into the garage, because at this rate I'll never get started. All being well I'll get started to him on Monday. I had a look and things aren't as bad this time thankfully. here's hoping when I lift the sound deadening there isn't more air to greet me.