does anyone know...

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does anyone know...

yeah **** price on the car your trading i know. anyone got any suggestions of a good reliable car thats cheap on insurance and economical for around the £3000 mark?
Stuart DemonD said:
You getting rid of the Abarth?

not for certain, but work is on about giving us all vans and i use my car fkr work (get paid mileage) and dont think ill be able to afford to keep the stilo then.

not def happening yet but ive started looking about to be safe.

so fingers-crossed it wont.
KoArAnG said:
OMG :eek: I hope you get to keep the Stilo mate, you've only just bought it :rolleyes:

Yes matt we dont want to loose a member spesh a stilo member:(
Did this once, traded a Felicia Hatch in for a Favorit Estate due to expanding family and the deal went through on finance but basically the term went up by 6 months but the payments came down by like £80 a month. Fitted the budget better and extra interior & boot space was very welcome... ex wife still has the Favorit 7 years on (its now coming up on 12 years old and been extremely reliable)
id go to 4k at a push i think. how much are punto jtd's going for?

faster4_tec if you read down a bit i explained why i might need to sell - work scenario!