Anyone Recommend a decent tyre pressure gauge?

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Anyone Recommend a decent tyre pressure gauge?


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Mar 23, 2007
Went to re-adjust tyre pressures on car to "unladen" tyre pencil pressure gauge I got to replace the original I've had since I started driving (rubber seals have gone) literally blew itself in half.

Found the bits put it back together but now reads about 10 psi under compared to old one and footpump.

Any have recommendations for a decent one, wouldn't mind digital but ideally would want it to switch between PSI and BAR as Mazda pressures are in BAR & PSI Citroën is in BAR...and I always forget the PSI numbers for the Citroën :ROFLMAO:
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I have a RACE X pressure gauge. It was recommended at the time as one of the more accurate and easily read. It’s a dial with the needle type. In my opinion it’s a good design that is easy to push on the valve.

Hmm had a look at that claimed accuracy within 2% there's a few digital gauges that claim + or minus 1% within the same price range.

Tempted by the Michelin one if only as I bought a Michelin footpump in 2003 when I bought my 1st car and its still in my boot doing its thing 18 years later (time flies...).

Slightly tempted to go the whole lazy boy and get a digital inflator but I've only ever had to inflate a car tyre a full 40psi once in 18 years. Oddly enough it was a space saver that had been sat in boot for years so was down to 20psi recommended pressure 60 literally 10 minutes with a single barrel footpump...just what you need after pratting about with a widow maker jack. But otherwise plugging the thing in dicking about with it doesn't seem worth saving 30 seconds of manual labour.

Guess they may have more appeal of you're one of these people who on discovering a puncture buys a pump rather than say getting it repaired :bang:
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I’ve had that gauge for several years now, and I’ve just remembered I do have a digital one kicking about somewhere. Perhaps I need a change myself. :D
I've had a digital keyring one for years, as long I've had the footpump as I bought them together. Not even had to change the batteries.

It's cheap toss but it was accurate so I kept it, unfortunately after nearly 2 decades the rubber seal has started to degrade so while it will show you a also lets the tyre down while doing so. That and it was bog basics so does psi only and whole numbers only. Which is handy when the Citroen needed 34.8 psi or summat daft due to the bar conversion.
I have several, and they all read close to each other.
An expensive Michelin branded digital one.
Two PCL branded pencil types, one normal for cars, the other reads much higher, at least 150psi, for vans and trucks.
Oops, just found a fourth, another smaller PCL digital one. Seems to give similar readings to the others, but the seal is a bit hard, so difficult to seal properly when checking.

My advice, get one with PCL on it, a good brand, been around for years, or a Michelin one.