Technical Does anyone know the meaning of the Warning Symbols?

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Technical Does anyone know the meaning of the Warning Symbols?


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Oct 26, 2005
I started the car up this morning and a new warning symbol cropped up on the LCD display between the dials. It's a square with a vertical line either side.


That's about as near as i could get using this keyboard.

If anyone knows what this means i'd be only too happy to hear from you.

I'm slighty confused and been through the manual page by page and still nothing.

Sorted now! Ta anyway... (well i dont know what it meant... but it's disappeared)
IT'S REAPPEARED AGAIN, it's intermitant... i have narrowed it down to a possible 3 faults ... Tyres low (as my tyres needed inflating the last time it happened, once i'd pumped them up the symbol disappeared) or Low Brake Pads (although i dont hear any squeaking they could be running low and the symbol looks a relevant with the two lines either side. Or an engine fault (GOD NO!!!!)

Any Ideas
here's the warning symbol, no text warning appeared... just the little yellow square with two lines either side... it's intermittant so i'm a little confused.
Any ideas?


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Nah it's weird Stu, was referring to the attached thumbnail; on the desktop with ZA it won't show (can see the box saying "Attached Thumbnails" in both Firefox and IE), but on my laptop without ZA it works fine :confused:

Let me go hunt my room for the DTE disk, that may have it on there . . . I take it everyone has checked the owners handbook?
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Ha ha! Progress at last :D

I've attached DTE's description of the Reconfigurable Display, it's a start! I'll keep looking for references for it; it did say somewhere that box G is used for "SMS {reception}" - without having CN+ I can't advise - maybe a text message?

active tft.JPG

This is what each number/letter relates to (I'll post it all in case anybody wants it in the future (y)):

1. Dual scale speedometer in miles / kilometres
2. TN-LCD containing information on: total Milometer, headlamp alignment position, driving mode set by user (CITY)
3. DTSN colour display
4. TN-LCD dedicated to displaying time

A. example symbol of proposed screen
B. text for messages
C. text for messages
D. graphic symbol
E. change indication or date
F. 1st area for summary of priority 1 faults
G. 2nd area for summary of priority 2 faults
H. temperature reading
I. audio/ACC information
J. audio/ACC information
Drat! And there was me thinking I was being all clever :p

I must say I do prefer the layout of DTE, it's just a shame eLEARN is far more comprehensive.

And I still can't get that s0dding attachment to show! Grrrr!

That box, 'G', is also where the Glow Plug warning lamp goes on diesel versions. Didn't know this dash was ever fitted to Diesels??
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Indeed Stu, we're nasty at times :p

You would have thought that the display would come up with "Bulb Failure, Number Plate"

Maybe I shouldn't have bought an Abarth dash :D
rroope said:
You would have thought that the display would come up with "Bulb Failure, Number Plate"
I remember when I had 'total' bulb failure in my car [it was a false alarm :rolleyes: ] - it took a few minutes for every bulb warning to flash up, each bulb in turn, before getting a 'return to dealer' message, lol....