Technical Doblo p0110 fault

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Technical Doblo p0110 fault


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Jul 29, 2023
Hi, I’m having trouble with this fault.
I’ve changed the MAP sensor + air filter, but the fault is still there.
I can turn the fault off & when I do it drives good, but as soon as I turn off the engine & try to restart it’s back again.
Would it be the ECU?
If I change the ECU would it need coding?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It’s a 2010 1.3 16v multijet

Fault p0110 keeps appearing on the dash.
Once I clear it the van starts fine but when I turn it off & try to restart it the van tries to start but then cuts out..
when the engine is warm you can then stop n start no problem
If you disconnect the MAF sensor and try to start it what happens, see if it goes to a basic default setting.
I have had a 1.9 05 Doblo that chucked out black smoke and was slightly better disconnected, previous owner had tried a new sensor etc. In the end I traced the fault to the wiring at the plug for the sensor.
May be worth checking the wiring if possible back towards the ECU if nothing obvious elsewhere.
One of my daughters had a 06 1.3 diesel Grande Punto that wouldn't start, I bought it cheap as a non runner, the previous owners garage had fitted a new battery and towed it violently trying to start it which caused the cam timing to slip and damage the engine, so after fixing all their "work" I had a starter that didn't turn and a fuel pump in the tank that didn't work, traced it back to the relay in the fusebox , which when activated everything worked, long story short there was a wire just an inch from the ECU that had rotted through inside it's plastic cover that was meant to activate the relay. So all the damage to that car was caused due to a single wire fault!
I have a 2010 Doblo 1.6 diesel that threw up loads of error codes and in the end a specialist pinpointed a small air leak at the EGR pipe to the inlet manifold that gave all the errors.
Lots of people go blaming ECUs but very rarely is that the answer.